Wutukala Dance Filled with the Joy from West Papua

Wutukala Dance Filled with the Joy from West Papua

The Moy tribe in West Papua is one of the tribes with a long history. This is one of the tribes that have been contributed greatly to the development of art in this province because this tribe also has the traditional dance. You should not miss a traditional dance performance when you visit West Papua. You will see the friendly locals and dance this dance with passion. Actually, dances from tribes in the region of Indonesia display certain activities or symbols. Dance is used as a symbol to thank God because of the gift of nature, prosperity, health, and so forth. Dance is also a symbol that can describe everyday activities such as hunting, gardening, and so forth. If you want to know a lot of information about this dance, then you can read the full review below which tells about this dance.

What is Wutukala Dance?

Wutukala Dance is one of the traditional dances of Moy people living in West Papua. This dance describes the activities of the community when fishing. Usually, this dance is performed in groups and paired with male and female dancers. Wutukala dance is one of the most famous traditional dances in West Papua. This dance is known in the coastal area of Sorong because the Moy tribe people live in the area. This dance is always displayed in traditional ceremonies that exist in the region.

History of Wutukala Dance

Wutukala dance is a dance depicting the work of the Moy people. This tribe makes a living by hunting fish. The Moy tribe is one of the tribes living in the coastal region of Sorong in West Papua. Most of these tribal communities do have professions as fishermen since ancient times. History records that in ancient times Moy tribe people only use spears as a tool to find fish but now looking for fish with a spear is a difficult thing. The Moy people are looking for other alternatives by using tuba root powder so that the tribe can find fish easily. Tuba root powder is a mild toxin that makes the fish become dizzy and the fish can be caught easily. This technique has become a tradition in the Moy tribe community. This tribe wants to commemorate a new way to catch fish so that people create this dance.

Meaning of Wutukala Dance

This dance serves to give an appreciation for the development and innovation to find fish because the fisherman is the main profession of this tribe. This tribe has been looking for fish since ancient times and this innovation can replace the technique of fishing by using a spear. This dance is also regarded as gratitude for the abundant grace of God. The people get amazing blessings from such innovations. This is a unique event because the Moy tribe can innovate without the help of modern technology. This method also does not endanger the marine ecosystem.

Wutukala Dance Show

Wutukala dance will be performed by female and male dancers. The dancers consist of 5-6 pairs of male and female dancers. Dancers wear traditional costumes and dance gear such as spears for male dancers and Noken used by female dancers. Noken is a bag to carry fish. This dance movement demonstrates the joy and spirit that unite in one natural movement. Fishing movement is a unique movement. The movement looks like a fishing movement with a spear by male dancers and the movement takes the catch of the female dancers.

A Cheerful Dance Movement

Traditional music originating from Tifa will accompany this dance. There are some people who add other musical instruments such as ukulele, bass, guitar, and so forth. Modern musical instruments are used to make this dance interesting. This dance is not only accompanied by musical instruments but also traditional songs that describe the gratitude and joy of the community. The rhythm of music is also tailored to the song.

Beautiful Costumes

Traditional costume is a costume to dance this movement. The dancers wear only clothing like skirts made of roots and leaves that are placed on the waist of the dancers. Male dancers wear head cover made of Cenderawasih (bird of paradise) fur. Ethnic paintings in black and white will be painted on the dancers’ bodies. Female dancers also wear the same clothes as the men but the clothes have been adapted to the body shape of the women.

Development of Wutukala Dance

If you ask about the development of this dance, then the people of West Papua have done many smart steps to preserve this dance. There are many artists who add music and movements to attract foreign tourists with this dance. This dance can be combined with modern movements but the artists do not forget the traditional elements that exist in this dance. Traditional elements are also a major consideration. Traditional musical instruments remain a key component for creating music and songs in this dance. There are many foreign tourists who are fascinated by this dance because the simple movement is a symbol of the Moy tribe’s hospitality that shares life with the wild.