PON 2020 in West Papua

Source: Info Nawacita, 2017

National Sport Week (Pekan Olahraga Nasional/PON) 2020 can be concerted will take place in West Papua. Budget has been poured to the local government, and many infrastructure supporting PON 2020 has been being built.

Many parties are not certain that the National Sports Week (PON) 2020 will be held in West Papua, considering the limited time and the preparations should be done by the Government of Papua itself. But, in fact, the Governor Lukas Enembe together with Secretary of Papua Province and Head of Regional Development Agency had presented the preparation development of PON 2020.

In that occasion, Governor Lukas Enembe also propose for the Central Government Budget and Revenue 2018 to contribute in providing the budget for the construction of PON 2020 requiring 1,66 billion rupiahs

Four stadia will be used in PON 2020, namely Mimika Sports Complex, Stadion Katalpal, a venue in Biak Numfor, and Papua Bangkit Stadium.

Mimika Sports Complex has one hundred percent ready to be used for PON 2020. It is located near Timika International Airport and will be used as a venue for badminton, basketball, and athletic sport. The indoor capacity of the stadium can accommodate around 400 spectators, while the outdoor stadium can accommodate 950 spectators. Besides, Mimika Sports Complex has an athlete dormitory with a capacity of 100 people alongside an exclusive fitness building. The unique thing from the Mimika Sports Complex is its building similar to West Papuan custom home, Honai.

Katalpal Stadium which been built by KONI Merauke has reached 40%. “Katalpal area is large, which will be used not only for football arena but other sports branches as well.” Said the secretary of KONI Merauke Antonio Liberto. Besides Merauke also has sports center with 1500 people capacity that can be used for many branches of sport

For venue in Biak Numfor is still in land acquisition process. It is planned to be built in Oridet, Biak Timur, and other venue used Kaisiepo Airport for Aero modeling competition, “We are seeking to free some land and manage several terms for the clan who own the ulayat right, then we will start to build It.” Said Regent of Biak Numfor, Ondy.

While Papua Bangkit Stadium, which will be the main stadium of PON 2020, will be finished on 2019.

Cited from Bidang Data dan Informasi KONI Provinsi Papua

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