Minimum Wages for Papua and West Papua Provinces Rise to 8.71%

The West Papua Province Minimum Wage (UMP) discussion for 2018 involving trade union representatives, employers’ representatives, expert councils, academics and provincial wage councils took place on Monday 30 October 2017 in Manokwari. All parties agreed to set the UMP for West Papua 2018 for 2. 667. 000 rupiahs.

As for the UMP in the mining sector rose to 3. 500. 000 rupiahs said the Korwil of the Confederation of Indonesian Prosperity Trade Union (Korwil KSBSI) West Papua Province, Musa I Paitei. For the forestry, plantation and fishery sectors did not increase as in previous years because there was no economic growth in these sectors so the result was minus so those sectors continued to receive wages based on UMP in 2018, said Musa I Paitei Korwil K SBSI West Papua.


The West Papua Provincial UMP formula for 2018 still refers to Government Regulation No. 78 of 2015 on remuneration which sets the basis for the UMP increase. Adapted to the inflation rate and economic growth rate and deficiency value of Decent Living Needs (KHL) West Papua Province in 2015. The West Papua Province Minimum Wage for 2018 was approved by the Governor of West Papua on November 1, 2017.[1]


As for Papua Province, the Provincial Government of Papua officially sets the provincial minimum wage (UMP) of 2018 amounting to 2,895,650 rupiahs. The amount of UMP in 2018 rose 8.71 percent from the value of UMP 2017 to 2,663,646 rupiahs. Secretary of Papua Hery Dosinaen said the determination of UMP has been in accordance with the provisions of Government Regulation No. 78 of 2015 on Wages.

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“Today, 1 November 2017 we have officially set the Papua UMP 2018 to 2,895,650 rupiahs, this figure has increased 8.71 percent from the previous UMP value,” said Hery.


The Regional Secretary urges the government at the district and municipal level in the Papua Province to immediately implemented the minimum wages in their respective areas, with reference to the established values.


“Of course we will be written to each district and city, so that both government agencies and private companies, are required to implement the governor’s decision on the determination of the new province’s Minimum Wage,” he said.


Head of Papua Province Labor Office, Yan Piet Rawar explained, the determination of UMP 2018 is based on the results of the study with Provincial Wage Council. The basis of the calculation is from the inflation of Papua which reached 3.72%, while the regional gross domestic product (GRDP) 4.99%. Provincial Minimum Wage 2018 is expected to be implemented on January 1, 2018.[2]

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