Keeping the Mangrove Forestry in Teluk Bintuni Natural Preservation

Keeping the Mangrove Forestry in Teluk Bintuni Natural Preservation

Teluk Bintuni, as new regency in West Papua, is indeed rich of natural resources starting from the mine into various plants and animals. It is not something exaggerated when the former regent of this regency, Decky Kawab, S.H. called Teluk Bintuni as the city of gold starting from the past, nowadays, and the future. Despite the resources that have been managed by the investors, there are still many others hidden. The development of natural preserve becomes really relevant in this point. Teluk Bintuni Natural Preservation area is basically a paradise for shrimps, crabs, scallops, and many more sea creatures.

Talking about the natural preservation area, Teluk Bintuni is the only larger place for mangrove plantation in the land of Papua. This town is believed as the home of hundreds and even thousands creatures of plants and animals. Unfortunately, the mangrove plantation in Teluk Bintuni is threatened by the development which is sometimes uncontrollable in this area. It is surely really saddening. It becomes homework for many people related to make sure that the mangrove area is still there and even it should be developed for the better future. Anyway, there are some fun facts regarding the mangrove natural preservation in Teluk Bintuni. Here they are.

The Origin

The Natural Preservation of Teluk Bintuni is located in the administrative area of Teluk Bintuni Regency, West Papua. this regency is a kind of division territory from Manokwari regency officially passed in 2002. The preservation area involves the Bintuni District Administrative area, Idoor District, and Kuri District. According to the division of Forest Management and Natural Conservation Area of Indonesia, Teluk Bintuni preservation is under the working area of KSDA Bintuni and KSDA Babo. Geographically, the placement of the preservation is on the area of “head of the Papua bird” on the coordinate of 132 degree 02’ East Longitude and 2 degree 02’- 2 degree 97’ South Latitude.

The coastal area of Teluk Bintuni is indeed muddy. It makes mangrove is simply growing up here. More than that, it is also a good habitat for palm, nipah, and swamp sago. The rivers in Teluk Bintuni are roads for cargo ferry and boats of local people to transport then from one village to another. To reach the center of Teluk Bintuni town, it needs around an hour from the coastal area. During the voyage, the landscape is incredible since this town indeed has so many big rivers around. Alluvial and Littoral silt forms lines on the small islands in the areas of river bank. The small islands have no citizens and they are included in the preservation area of mangrove.

The Damage of Mangrove Area

In general, the condition of mangrove area in Teluk Bintuni is still relatively good. It is only around 4 percents from 438.252 hectare which is damaged. However, it doesn’t mean that the damage enlargement is impossible to ne happened in the future. In fact, the development of West Papua simply gives two kinds of effect; positive and negative. It is positive since people may be able to enjoy facilities like in other areas in Indonesia. However, it somehow threatens to natural resources in this area including mangrove. Sure, it is if the development is not done carefully. It is important for all the parties involved to be coordinated well so that the development of Papua will never damage the environment including the mangrove.

This worry is not without any reason. Mangrove area basically has numerous benefits for the environment as well as people. In nature, the main functions of mangrove are keeping the coastal line from abrasion, controlling the ocean intrusion, being the home of hundreds ocean creatures, and being the sources of people’s income. Recently, mangrove forestry is also an attractive tourism resort. Seeing the importance of mangrove, the damage tends to be dangerous for sure. Not only is it about how people lose their jobs but also it makes the areas are disaster prone. In other words, there will be a great loss if such disasters like abrasion are happened in this area.

How to Keep the Mangrove Forestry in Teluk Bintuni

Of course, it needs cooperation from many parties to keep the mangrove preservation area is still there. For the government, it is better to tighten the regulation so that the massive development in Papua recently doesn’t disturb the natural resources already existing. For people, they should not deforest the mangrove area just for selfish reasons. This matter must also be supported by the law in which the punishment must be given for them who violate. The damage must be recovered as soon as possible like by doing reforestation. Meanwhile, the coast line of Papua is around 10.444 km in length. It means that there are still more chances to grow up more mangrove for the sake of keeping the nature conservation and sustainability.