Indonesia’s Commitment in South-Pacific

Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Indonesia, 2016

From Yudhoyono Administration to Joko Widodo Administration, Indonesia still at its commitment to strengthen the cooperation among the South-Pacific countries.

 In Pacific Islands Development Forum (PIDF) 2nd Leader Meeting, President of Indonesia, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono has given the honor to give his speech regarding Indonesia experience in exercising its national development policy which encourages the economic growth. President Yudhoyono also states Indonesia’s support to the PIDF vision and mission which realized by fund allocation with total USD 20 million for capacity building program in South-Pacific region. (Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Indonesia, 2014) Actually, Indonesia’s support to the capacity building in South-Pacific has held since 2006. More than 200 participants form South-Pacific countries have participated in this program.

The cooperation in South-Pacific does not stop in the administration of President Yudhoyono. The next administration, President Joko Widodo, continue to strengthen the good relationship among them. In 2014, noted Indonesia has given 224 capacity building program with the majority of target receiver was Papua New Guinea (148 participants), Solomon Islands (33 participants), Fiji (542 participants), Vanuatu (35 participants), Palau (23 participants), Tuvalu  (9 participants; and Tonga (19 participants) (Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Indonesia, 2015). (Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Indonesia, 2015). The scholarship also has been given by Indonesia, in 2014 there is seven receivers of Secondary Fish Farming School (SUPM) scholarship who now has received the international certification of fisheries skill. (Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Indonesia, 2015).

In 27th February-1st March 2015, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia visited three South-Pacific countries, Papua New Guinea; Solomon Islands, and Fiji. During the visit, Indonesia has donated three units of a drilling machine. (Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Indonesia, 2015)  The gift is intended as follow up the implementation of Training on Women Empowerment for MSG Countries in maritime resources processing which held last year in Bali.

Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Indonesia, 2016
Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Indonesia, 2016

Indonesia also invited seven participants from Fiji (3 participants), Solomon Islands (2 participants), and Papua New Guinea (2 participants) to join the International Workshop on Automotive Technician for Pacific Countries in November 2015. In the workshop, Indonesia shared its experience and skill in automotive, electricity, and construction modification in the 2 wheel vehicles to the three wheels vehicles skill. (Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Indonesia, 2016)

Indonesia’s expect that those programs could encourage creative ideas from South-Pacific People which used to stimulate the development and economic growth in their own countries. Indonesia realized that the cooperation between south countries is important to reduce dependency to the north countries. So, those capacity building is as Indonesia’s effort to increase the South-South cooperation.

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