The Inauguration of Regional Hospital in Nabire Regency

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The good news for the people of Nabire Regency in particular and the Mee Pago region, it is known that Nabire Regency has a regional hospital for Mee Pago region after it was inaugurated by The President of Indonesia, Joko Widodo. The presence of Nabire Regional Hospital is expected to serve the community in the Meepago region, with the hope of shortening health services that have not been running well.


The President said that Physical and the room is very good, this is a type C hospital. The President also instructed the Regent to move up to type B Hospital. The Ministry of Public Health will attempt to improve the status of the hospital from type C to type B so that later society can enjoy good health service. All equipment and rooms needed for The Hospital in Nabire to be upgraded will be done jointly between central and local government. Next year will also be prepared funds from the Ministry of Public Health amounting 48 billion Rupiah to purchase health equipment, also there is additional from Papua Province amounting 22 billion Rupiah to complement the existing and there is added from the Government of Nabire Regency.

According to the President of health services in Nabire which is a transit area for some districts in the region of the Central Highlands of Papua should continue to be improved.  The hospital level will be able to the next level if the service is better. The existence of The Hospital Regional Public in Nabire is a commitment from the Papua Provincial Government for how to provide maximum health services to the community.

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The Governor of Papua, Lukas Enembe, expressed gratitude to the President Joko Widodo who took the time to present to inaugurate the use of the hospital in Nabire Regency.  Separately, The Chairman of Provincial Health Office of Papua, Aloysius Giyai, mentions that Nabire Regional Hospital is a regional referral hospital for Nabire, Paniai, Intan Jaya, Deiyai, Dogiyai districts in accordance with the governor’s commitment in health services based on the area of Meepago region.

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By: Riska A. (Researcher MaCDIS)