Development Based on Sociocultural Aspects In Papua #2  

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The following article is still discussing development with a sociocultural approach in Papua. Continuing the previous article focusing on the steps taken by BAPPENAS and briefly explaining the principles adopted in the development

This division of the region is based on the proximity of culture, territorial proximity, and proximity in its development indicators. The planning process to development in Papua. There are 5 main principles that are put forward. First is the protection of indigenous Papuans. Both affirmations favor the rights of the people. Furthermore, community empowerment and integration are reflected in cross-sectoral integration in Papua development. This integrated principle also includes a new approach in the preparation of the 2017 RKP so that this commonality is to be expected, will produce maximum development results. Fifth is the principle of acceleration (Bappenas).

In addition to the customary territories established by Bappenas, there are other customary areas that are also created by the The Ministry of Agrarian Affairs and Spatial Planning/National Land Agency which also cooperate with BPN. The nine custom areas are Sentani Buyakha, Moy, Tepra-Yewana Yosu, Yokari, Djouw-Wary, Imbi Numbay, Oktim, Demutru, and Elseng.

Minister of Agrarian Affairs and Spatial Planning or Head of the National Land Agency (ATR) Ferry Mursyidan Baldan proclaims the mapping of communal land rights in nine customary areas in Jayapura District. Taken from, while attending Lake Sentani Festival (FDS) to IX in Khalkhote tourism area, Sentani Timur, Papua, Ferry said that the government wants to emphasize how Jayapura Regency will be the living space for indigenous peoples. Ferry also said, “now the government is trying to present to give recognition of all space for indigenous people of Papua. In this case, no more indigenous peoples in Papua will be disturbed from their homeland. Anyone who wants to utilize, develop, there must be recognition that in it there are indigenous people. The reason, the recognition of existing life must first be prioritized in the land of Papua. Ferry added that if the state is not present, Papua could become a “hell” due to a split due to land rights.(

Keywords: Principles of acceleration, cross-sectoral, RKP 2017, Ministry of ATR, 9 customary territories

By Suha Salmia, Macdis Researcher