Arborek, the Beautiful Tourism Village in Raja Ampat

Arborek, the Beautiful Tourism Village in Raja Ampat

Among all the tourism villages in West Papua, it is safe to say that Arborek Village is the most popular. This tourism village is situated in Arborek Island, Raja Ampat Regencies, West Papua. The fact that Raja Ampat is currently one of the trendiest tourist destinations in the world definitely contributes greatly to the popularity of this village. However, people love this village and are eager to come back if they visit Raja Ampat again because Arborek village has its own attractive charms.

A Beautiful Small Village in Raja Ampat

Arborek is actually just a very small village. Its total width is only about six hectares and there are only 40 families in this beautiful village. But the view here is amazing and really represents the beauty of West Papua.

One of the best things about Arborek Village is its soft white sand, so walking barefooted while enjoying the panorama will be such a pleasant experience. Furthermore, since there are only 40 families in this village, there is significant distance between one house and another. As a result, Arborek Village can be a nice holiday destination for those who want to enjoy some peaceful and serene time. The sea also looks very clean that it is possible to see some sea creatures even from the surface.

This village is pretty easy to reach because it is only two hours away from Waisai, the capital of Raja Ampat. There are many boats available to take tourists from Waisai to Arborek Village. This village is far from the city so don’t expect to see any fancy or modern facilities. But visitors don’t have to worry about transportation, accommodation or basic necessities because those things are available here. Arborek is developed into tourism village so the local government makes sure that the village doesn’t disappoint. There are several small stores owned by the locals that sell daily necessities. For the things that cannot be found in those stores, visitors must go to Waisai or Sorong.

In Arborek Village, people can stay in homestays that are owned and managed by the local residents in that area. The homestays are simple and humble but it has all the basic facilities such as bathroom and three meals a day. Electricity might be scarce here but there is nothing to worry about because the homestays provide solar generator. Visitors definitely will not find any fancy restaurants in this village, but once again, there is nothing to worry about because the locals make great delicacies and they also will give the tourists fresh fruits and vegetables. If the tourists don’t want to stay in the homestays, there are some resorts and small hotels in nearby islands. However, one of the charms of the village is definitely the homestays.

Interesting Things to Do in Arborek Village

Since Arborek Village is situated in Raja Ampat, which is known for the beauty of its marine life, of course playing in the water is the best thing to do in this village. The water in this area is incredibly rich in marine biodiversity, from corals, skates to other small colorful fishes, the beauty of Raja Ampat’s underwater life will be such a feast for the visitor’s eyes. Because of this, Arborek village is a nice place to snorkel.

Tourists who want to try snorkeling in this area don’t have to walk far. Simply go to Arborek Pier and they can start enjoying the exquisite underwater creatures of Raja Ampat. Since the water is crystal clear, people don’t have to dive deep to see the Gorgonia corals glistening under the water. Arborek village also has a nice diving location. It is about ten minutes away from the pier and people can easily reach the diving site by taking a motor boat.

Staying in a village will not be complete without talking to the locals. The local residents to Arborek village are very nice and they warmly welcome the tourists. Tourists can follow the local residents to walk along the sea to find sea cucumbers or other sea creatures that can be eaten. This activity is called Bameti and it is a fun way to interact with the locals.

Women in Arborek village are also very skillful in making various traditional crafts and it can be another attraction for the tourists. Tourists can witness with their own eyes how the local women create Noken, a multifunction bag made of the barks of the trees, or Kaya Foyf, Papua traditional big and wavy hat that looks similar to Mexican Sombrero. People who visit Arborek Village can buy those crafts as souvenir to be brought back home.

Arborek Village is indeed a very magical place to visit. It will give visitors a glimpse of the lives of the local and also enjoy Raja Ampat to the fullest. The serene atmosphere and beautiful panorama are also very refreshing and can be a nice escape from the hustle bustle of the city life.