6 Traditional Musical Instruments from West Papua

6 Traditional Musical Instruments from West Papua

West Papua is a province with enormous potential. The province has good potential in tourism, mining, and agriculture. You must already know where the money is called Raja Ampat. This is the amazing local wisdom in this place. Maybe you also recognize the fabric of Timor. This is a fabric made from South Sorong Regency. The province has its capital in Manokwari with 12 districts and 1 city. The natural beauty of West Papua is very famous in Indonesia and the world but this article will not talk about the beauty of nature in this province. This article will discuss traditional musical instruments in West Papua. One of the attractions of this province is the traditional arts that use traditional musical instruments with unique shapes and sounds.


This is a musical instrument that is played by picking. Guoto is made from the animal skin of the ox. This instrument has strings that can be picked by hand. This is a unique music game that is unique and a fascination for foreign guests coming to this province. Foreign guests would never have seen musical performances using this instrument because this is a traditional musical instrument that can only be found in West Papua. This instrument is made of strings and wood.


This musical instrument can not only be found in West Papua but also Papua. This is a traditional musical instrument made from shells. The way to play this tool is blown using your mouth. All coastal areas have this instrument. You can find this instrument in several places. The region consists of the islands of Raja Ampat, Wondama, Nabire, Waropen, Yapen, and Biak. Actually, this tool is only used to communicate in the past. This instrument is used as a marker or calling a tribe in the forest. The development of the times makes this tool can also be used as entertainment.

Maybe you are no stranger to hear Triton. Triton is the name of the region with more beautiful natural scenery compared to Raja Ampat. There are many people who say that but have not been able to prove the truth of the statement. Maybe you are interested to visit this region and compare the beauty of this place with Raja Ampat. You cannot assume this is a rumor because you can prove this.


This musical instrument has a unique name like a word from Chinese but this is a traditional musical instrument original from Indonesia. This instrument has the same function as Triton. This instrument is also used to call residents around the forest. The development of society makes this tool used as a musical instrument to accompany the traditional dances of this region. Yi is made of bamboo and wood and you must blow this tool to make a beautiful sound. A soft whistle sound can make you feel at ease. There are many hotels in West Papua that feature music with accompaniment from traditional musical instruments.


This is a famous musical instrument that can be found in this province. This instrument is also used by people living in Maluku. Tifa has the same shape with the drum and the way to play this instrument is struck with your hand. This instrument is made of wood. The contents of the wood are removed and one side of the wood is covered with deerskin that has been dried so that this instrument can produce a beautiful and melodious sound. Tifa has the same shape with size. Usually, tribes in Papua and Maluku have Tifa with a unique form. The shape and engraving of this instrument can be adapted to the characteristics of the tribe.


Another musical instrument is Pikon. This instrument has a very small size. Pikon only has the size of a handful of adults. Pikon has an oval shape that comes from bamboo. The middle piece of bamboo pieces is fitted with a very tight rope. The string is tied with a vibrator stick. If the base of the stick is pulled by hand, then the vibrating pieces can produce vibration and make a beautiful sound.


The last musical instrument referred to as Krombi. This is a musical instrument used to accompany the traditional dance of the Papuan people. Usually, this instrument is played with small wood. You must tap the wood on Krombi. The people of West Papua make Krombi from bamboo. This musical instrument can produce unique sounds and make traditional dances have beautiful music.

Those are some traditional musical instruments from West Papua. There are many other provinces that have musical instruments with unique shapes and sounds. The instrument is a symbol of the wealth of this nation so that the instrument must be maintained by this country. The instrument must not be extinct because of the younger generation must-see local wisdom through this instrument. We should be proud because we have a unique musical instrument. Currently, traditional musical instruments have been eliminated with the culture of other countries but there are many smart steps taken by the people of Indonesia to maintain traditional art from various provinces.